Do I need to present any identification documents?

We value the security and anonymity of each of our clients, so we do not require the mandatory presentation of identity documents.

Are you protected from DDoS attacks?

Our site is protected by the latest generation denial of service attack suppression system.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password by filling out a special form in the login window.

I forgot my username from my account, what should I do?

You need to contact the project administration via the feedback form in the "contacts" section or in the support window on our website.

My wallet number has changed, what should I do?

You need to contact the project administration via the feedback form in the "contacts" section or in the support window on our website. 

I didn't find an answer to my question.

Support specialists are ready to answer any of your questions around the clock! Just contact the support window on our website.

How to open a deposit?

You will be able to make a deposit after replenishing the balance of your personal account in the investor's personal account.

What currency can I invest in?

At the moment, we accept payments made in the following currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, Doge, DASH, Z cash, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Stellar

What is the minimum and maximum amount of investment?

The minimum amount of investment is $100, the maximum amount is not limited.

Are there any additional fees for depositing and withdrawing funds?

FLIRT INVEST GROUP does not charge any additional commissions on its part, we receive all payments to models from partner sites immediately in BTC, so our investors do not need to pay any commissions. 

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

The withdrawal request will be made immediately after the withdrawal request is processed by the Paykassa payment processor.

What does your company do?

We are the largest webcam studio in Europe, offering the opportunity for investment earnings to any Internet user.

How does the company manage to ensure a stable return for investors?


Read any research on the webcam market, and you will see that it is growing at a huge pace! Top models earn$20,000 a week! We already have 77 studios operating around the world and more openings are planned. We started as a small single studio but grew into a mastodon in our field and became the largest webcam network in Europe. 

Why is it possible to invest only in cryptocurrency?


All our partner sites, even the largest Chaturbate makes payments to models in BTC without any commissions, so in order to avoid large commissions for our investors, we also make payments in BTC, and our partner payment processor PayKassa allows us to accept and pay not only BTC but also other cryptocurrencies. 

Which cryptocurrency wallets can be used for deposits and receiving payments?


You can use absolutely any wallet: Coinbase, Binance, Gemini or any other.

What guarantees does the company provide to its investors?


The company values its reputation, it is officially registered and has a license to attract investment funds, and the market is growing at a huge pace, so the risk of investing in a webcam business is minimal.

Do you have a partner program?

Yes, we provide our clients with conditions for the partner program - a three-

level 5%-2%-1%

How do I become a member of the partner program?

Every newly registered investor automatically becomes a member of our referral program

Can I receive partner rewards without opening a deposit?

Yes, the rules of our company provide for the receipt of partner contributions by participants without active deposits, but only under the "Standard" program.

Can I change the person who invited me?

No, this function is not available.

The invitation of other participants is mandatory?

The decision to invite other participants to the project is made by each of our investors voluntarily.

Who can create an account in your company?

Any adult, capable person can become an investor of our club, regardless of citizenship.

How can I create an account?

The registration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes – just click the "Register" button at the top of the site and fill in all the required fields. 

Can I create multiple accounts?

No, each investor has the right to create only one investment account, otherwise your accounts will be blocked without the right to refund funds.

How much does it cost to create an account?

You can create an account on our website absolutely for free.

I didn't find an answer to my question. write to us and our support service will definitely answer you! Write to us