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The webcam business is developing every day, more and more people are starting their path of success from webcam studios. The industry, which is developing rapidly, is gaining great popularity all over the world every year and is increasing its capital.

It all starts simply: the model communicates online with viewers via video chat, shares her positive emotions and energy with fans, while earning a lot of money. This activity is legal and safe, and the attitude to webcam models in modern progressive society has long changed in the direction of admiration. Popular webcam models become real stars with a lot of fans around the world and millions of earnings on a par with classic streamers.

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Flirt Invest Group


The webcam market is very extensive and competitive, so a competent investment requires a deep study of the niche. Or you can invest in a studio that is an undisputed mastodon. FLIRT INVEST has long taken a leading position in the webcam industry in Europe. We already have 77 studios operating around the world, and more openings are planned soon. We started as a small studio with several unknown models and grew into a giant of the industry with many successful models around the world and becoming the largest webcam network in Europe. We were able to break through thanks to our investors and hardworking models-people who believed in the success of our project.

Flirt Invest Group

Payments every day, 4 tariffs:

0.5% per day for a year From 100$ to 1.000$
1% per day for a year From 1.000$ to 10.000$
2% per day for a year From 10.000$ to 50.000$
3% per day for a year From 50.000$ to 250.000$
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WE ARE AN OFFICIALLY REGISTERED COMPANY Unlike many other studios that work under the table, we work officially. All our studios belong to one legal entity and all models receive payments from partner sites directly and officially. We have received a license to carry out investment activities, our website is registered as a legal entity, so you can be sure of the security of your finances.
LARGE PAYOUTS Unlike classic investments in companies, stocks, precious metals and other assets, we offer large payments due to the huge earnings of our models. Models receive from 30% to 50% of their revenue, the rest of the revenue is distributed between FLIRT INVEST and our investors.
WE RESPECT EVERY CUSTOMER No matter what amount you have invested, $100 or $100,000, you will in any case receive high-quality technical support and we will answer any questions, this is the main principle of our support and it will always remain so.
CLEAR INVESTMENT CONDITIONS At FLIRT INVEST, we directly and openly declare the terms of cooperation without hidden provisions. This applies to both trust management services and the fulfillment of the terms of the partner program. Clients receive exactly what we declare on our website, regardless of the size of the investment and the activity of clients.
INSTANT MONEY WITHDRAWALS All our partner sites make payments to models every day, so you will also receive your payments every day without any delays and will be able to immediately withdraw your profit to your wallet.
COMFORTABLE COOPERATION All our services and systems are created and updated only in the interests of customers. All the actions that our clients perform in cooperation with FLIRT INVEST , whether it is account registration, account management, deposit, transfer or withdrawal of funds are as simple as possible.
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An excellent platform that combines an abundance of all kinds of assets and markets for making money for both a beginner and a person with experience. Recommend.

MarkWeberAug 18, 2021 10:00

A very interesting investment site. I have invested money and am getting a good profit. The platform works well for those. the support service responds instantly.

AlonsoAug 18, 2021 10:03
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Flirt Invest Group

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Bring a friend and get a percentage of his investments. The offer is unlimited - the more investors you bring, the more your earnings will be. If you have any questions, we are in touch!

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